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The Top 5 Benefits of DNA Testing

The Top 5 Benefits of DNA Testing

Our cells contain the blueprint that determines so many of our characteristics. This DNA code can be tested and mapped to provide many insights into our genetics and is used for a wide variety of reasons. In fact, forensic authorities even use DNA testing and profiling to catch criminals! The good news is that it has other uses too, including a sibling dna test.

1. Determine Paternity

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It might seem strange to some but there are many children in our communities who don’t know who their real fathers are. A DNA test can actually determine the paternity of a child and this can be used to determine things such as child custody and financial assistance.

2. Find Out Where You Came From

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Lots of people have a strong need to know where they came from. They may be unsure as to the mix of their racial heritage, for example. In these cases, having a DNA test can determine a racial mix. Of course, this can throw up some pretty surprising results at times.

3. Find Your Siblings

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Many adopted children and adults are unsure as to whether the blood relatives they have are actually related to them. This can create a lot of confusion for many people and a sibling DNA test is an ideal way to find the answers in such cases.

4. Determine the Status of Twins

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There are two kinds of twins: identical and non-identical. Identical twins have the same genetic material because the egg was fertilized by the same sperm and then split. Non-identical twins develop from two eggs that were fertilized by two sperm.

A DNA test can determine the exact nature of the twin relationship and this can be a great comfort to many people.

5. Plan for Your Health

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There are many diseases and health conditions that are passed down through genetics and DNA testing can help to determine an individual’s risk of developing one or more of these conditions. This means that one can plan for future possible health problems.

It should be noted that DNA testing does not necessarily mean that a person will develop these illnesses as there is more to it than the genetic code that we carry. In fact, many people prefer not to know about their possible health issues using these methods.

Is DNA Testing the Answer for You?

Advances in DNA testing in recent years have given us great insight into who we are and where we came from. By building a map of the blueprint that determines many of our characteristics, we can gain valuable knowledge about ourselves and what we might need to plan for in the future.

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