4 Tips For Dealing With Movers

4 Tips For Dealing With Movers

Moving means having to call in a professional company to help with the process. It is hard to do on your own and it is generally easier to go with the pros.

However, what do you have to look for when it is time to hire a new company? Here are the main tips to keep in mind.

1. Go with Specialised Movers Only

If you are looking for a mover that is willing to go across long distances then it is important to find someone that can meet those demands. The same applies to commercial entities that are hoping to move from one location to another.

Having a specialised mover is going to go a long way in simplifying how you approach this matter and how quickly it goes ahead.

2. Check How They Handle Fragile Items

Let’s assume there are fragile items in the property, how are they going to be managed by the mover? Will they have special tools or materials to handle these items or are they going to wing it? These are important details to inquire about, so you are not left with an awful solution that could cause the items to break.

3. Experience Matters

Experience is going to ensure the mover knows what to do when it comes to moving certain items. They will be professional, organised, and ready to deliver a seamless solution. This is essential when you have other things to ponder over during the move without having to worry about this team.

4. Set the Budget Early

It is the rates that are going to matter to most clients and rightly so. You are going to want to make sure the move goes ahead as planned and your budget doesn’t get blown apart because the mover put in hidden fees along the way. Unfortunately, this can happen from time to time, which makes it important to only go with the best moving company in the region. It will save you a lot of trouble over the long haul.

By focusing on these tips when it is time to deal with movers Toronto, you are going to save yourself a lot of time and it will work out in your favour. Don’t assume things are going to be straightforward when you are not willing to pay attention to what is happening during the process. Only go with the best, so you are not having to run after the movers later on.

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Gearing Up For A Move? 6 Tips On How To Prepare For The Movers

Gearing Up For A Move? 6 Tips On How To Prepare For The Movers

Moving demands ample forethought and great attention to detail, especially if you’re working with movers. The amount of preparation required is not to be underestimated, and if you shirk these responsibilities until a couple of days prior, a tedious, headache-inducing process awaits. Here are some savvy tips on how to prepare yourself before the movers arrive.

1. Box Up Your Belongings

Unless explicitly stated, the moving service is only responsible for moving your items from point A to point B. The onus is on you to pack your items. While boxing up your possessions, be mindful of how much you’re storing inside. If you fill the box to the brim, it makes it exponentially more difficult for the professionals to do their job.

2. Keep Pets At Bay

Pets, while adorable, can be a nuisance come moving day. The movers will likely keep the door open while taking trips in and out, and if your beloved animal is keen to explore the outdoors, it’s wise to keep them isolated. While this may seem cruel, it’s in everyone’s best interest. What’s more, you don’t want them nipping on anyone’s heels while the process is underway.

3. Prep Your Home

Priming your house for the move falls under your umbrella. If you’re wary of the walls getting dinged-up, pad them. If you’d like to keep the floor remotely clean, put a tarp down. Depending on the weather, more preparation may be warranted. For further information, Matco has online resources available on their website.

4. Notify The Movers Of Pertinent Information

It’s important that you regard the moving service with paramount respect. This entails informing them about parking, gate codes, community hours, etc. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details the day of. It’s for this reason why it’s critical to plan.

5. Consider The Kids

If you have children, hiring a babysitter may be the most sensible course of action. While you’re assisting the professionals, your kids will be vying for your attention. No doubt a stressful scenario, one surefire way to rid yourself of the hassle is to enlist help from a trusted adult.

6. Tidy Up

While this may seem counterintuitive, some light cleaning is necessary before the moving commences. Copious amounts of dust and dirt will make for an unpleasant experience. A quick vacuum-clean should do the trick.

Moving is stressful enough as it is. Being ill-prepared will only amplify any existing tension. If you’ve employed a moving company, it’s especially crucial to prime yourself for the forthcoming move. By heeding the above advice, you’ll absolve yourself of any lingering anxieties.

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5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

Your home’s drainage system plays an integral part in keeping your home safe and clean. If your drainage system has any issues, then it can wreak havoc can cause a variety of problems. Here are 6 reasons to contact a drain plumber.

1. Foul Odors

Plumber Sink 201709-008

A smelly drain usually means that waste isn’t being removed and disposed of properly, which can cause sewer gases to move up through the drains and sinks. This unpleasant odor can cause health problems if ignored, so it’s best to call a plumber to have your drains inspected at the first sign of bad odors.

2. Slow Drain

Plumber Sink 201712-002

If a slow drain isn’t fixed, it could lead to serious problems. A slow drain could be an obstruction. In addition, septic tanks that are not filtering water fast enough could cause a slow drain. If a sewer line in your house is clogged, it will eventually lead to a backup in the drains of the entire house.

3. Water Stains

Plumber Sink 201808-002

When there are water stains in your basement, it may be from sewage that has started to back up because of a clogged drain. Be sure to contact a drain plumber Scarborough if you notice any water stains on your basement floor. You should also call a plumber if any stains appear on the ceiling because this could be an indicator of a hairline leak.

4. Problems With Your Toilet

Plunger Toilet 201801

A toilet that won’t flush or makes a whistling sound when you flush it needs to be inspected by a plumber. It is important to ensure that your toilet flushes properly so that your home is sanitary. On the other hand, if you’re toilet is always running, it also needs to be inspected by a plumber. A running toilet could be from a number of issues that include problems with the flapper valve to sediment build up.

5. Routine Inspections

Plumber Sink 201709-003

Routine inspections from a professional plumber are beneficial because it gives them an opportunity to identify issues early. During a routine inspection, your plumber will inspect your drains, pipes, and other areas of your home’s drainage system, such as your garbage disposal and water heater. A plumber can also remove sediment build up on faucets and shower heads.

If you take a proactive approach to fixing pluming issues, you will save time and money. At the first sign of plumbing problems, be sure to contact a professional who can evaluate and remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.

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Four Important Questions to Ask Your House Movers

Four Important Questions to Ask Your House Movers

When it comes to hiring a moving company, there is a lot of information out there about the basic process. Everyone knows the importance of getting multiple quotes before booking movers, and that you should always get estimates in writing. There are some more detailed aspects of working with professional Toronto house movers that you might be unfamiliar with, however. Here are four things you might not have thought to ask, but you can’t afford to overlook.

1. How do you bill for services? Is a deposit required?

Money Bag 201802-001

Some companies will require an upfront payment or partial payment for services. Hourly moving services will typically request a deposit and then ask for full payment once services are completed because they cannot know the total until the job is done. For their own security, a growing number of companies want to automatically withdrawal the balance after the service is completed. There might not always be a discussion about this, but companies will include it in the fine print and expect you to read every word. Be proactive and ask what is expected of you when it comes to paying your house movers.

2. Do you charge for mileage?

Mover Van 201711-001

There are two major types of moving options: flat-rate moves and hourly moving. A flat-rate may be better for something like a long distance move while hourly services might be fine for a small, local move. Both of these moves may also require you to pay mileage. Some companies charge this fee in addition to their rates, while others roll it in and charge only one fee for the sake of simplicity. Regardless, you need to know whether you’re expected to pay it or not. While you’re at it, ask what other fees or charges you may incur, if any.

3. What about furniture disassembly and reassembly?

Office Moving 201807-001

Again, this service is going to vary from one company to the next. Some house movers will include taking apart beds and other large pieces in their service as a standard part of the move. Others will charge extra or require you to disclose that you need these services ahead of time. The same goes for furniture blankets, appliance dollies, and other tools that will make the move go smoothly.

4. Do you own a proper warehouse with your own equipment and vehicles?

Forklift Warehouse 201801

A lot of smaller moving companies might seem to offer cheap rates that you can’t pass up, but what you don’t know is how they’re operating. Small companies keep their rates lower by operating out of a home or small office, and often by renting or leasing trucks on an as-needed basis. While this might not seem to be something that matters to you, think about how it could affect your move. At the very least, movers need to have their own fleet of trucks. This will guarantee they will be there with the right equipment on your moving day.

There are a lot of details involved in the moving process. By planning ahead and knowing what to expect, though, you can make sure you hire the right people for the job every time.

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Four Tips on How to Keep Your Belongings Secure During Your Big Move

Four Tips on How to Keep Your Belongings Secure During Your Big Move

Moving a is huge undertaking, requiring you to move expensive objects and sentimental possessions that you cannot afford to damage and lose. Moving is stressful, especially if you do not do it right. Hiring a reputable moving company will help you avoid damaging and losing your items. Here are a few tips on how to secure your belongings in your big move:

Tip#1 – Stay Organized By Segregating

Moving Box 201811-001

It is essential to stay organized, and the best way to get that done is to pack one room at a time. When you’re going from room to room, you’ll most likely misplace items or end up putting them in the wrong box. Label the box, which usually comes complimentary from your trusted movers, with the name of the room on all four sides. This helps your moving crew see where the boxes should be placed when you reach your destination.

Tip#2 – Separate Bulky Items

Moving Checklist 201809-001

Ask your movers for advice on how to protect your bulky items. Perhaps, they can even help you bubble wrap and pack. If they recommend short term storage Calgary for items like your giant massage chair or your billiard set because you won’t need them soon, heed the advice. Renting a short term storage facility is a wise decision if you cannot set-up these things right away.

Tip#3 – Keep Some Things Off The Truck

Mover Team 201803-001

Even if you are confident that you’ve hired a trustworthy and reliable moving company, it would still be for the best not to entrust them with personal items like jewelry, money, photo albums, important documents, and other treasured mementos. There are also other things that are really prohibited from being loaded onto the truck such as fertilizer, chemicals, perishable food, alcohol, and gasoline. For a more extensive list, ask your moving company for advice.

Tip#4 – Create A Master List

Mover Van 201711-001

It may be tedious to write everything down, but you will appreciate taking an inventory when you finally get to your new home. It can get pretty overwhelming with all those boxes stacked on top of one another. Prepare a master list of how many boxes you have and what big items are being bubble wrapped, loaded directly, and strapped securely in the truck. It also helps to write down the contents of a box on the side of the box itself, along with the name of the room the box will go to. Write it on the box because a taped paper list can rip off. You want this list to help you crosscheck if anything has gone missing.

Follow these tips to have a better moving experience. Your chosen moving company will help alleviate some of the stress as they have the equipment and experience to properly pack, safely handle, and securely transfer your precious possessions. They know the best strategies for transferring everything to your new place without getting damaged or lost.

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